John Cox (R): 2018 California Gubernatorial Candidate

Life Matters interviews John Cox, Candidate for California Governor - the only ProLife candidate for California governor endorsed by the California ProLife Council PAC.

Brian interviews Mr. Cox by phone and they discuss one of the candidate’s core values: the importance and joy that comes from personal responsibility, the abortion issue, the position of both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, the need to drain the Sacramento swamp, and the many things that the average Californian can do to dramatically change our culture right now, right where they are.

This is an exciting and important Life Matters broadcast that is paid for by the California Prolife Council PAC.


The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God

The battle of ideas is for your mind and the minds of your loved ones. If you're not on guard and thinking through the ideas that have been placed there by the popular media and maybe even by friends who are misinformed, then you can bring great harm to yourself and others and to society itself.

Laws are just ideas that are enforced. So this battle of ideas is more than just a metaphor because what we're talking about is human lives. The right to life is about restoring legal protection for human beings. That was taken away in 1973 and it's getting worse. It's not just human babies in the womb. Now it's the elderly sick. It's those who are seriously ill. And the best answer is suggested to be, of course, to kill them “with compassion”.

Assisted suicide and other forms of euthanasia are now being practiced in the United States. If you don't understand this battle of ideas you will succumb to this battle. And you won't be able to protect those that you love because the laws won't protect them. So I'm going to talk today about a very important issue in this battle, about our laws, and how our laws are made. 

This episode is called “The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God.” This is an exciting episode for me. Our program is heard on many Christian stations so I'm particularly excited about explaining and exploring the foundational elements in our society.  What was it that our founders had in mind when they talked about the laws of nature and of nature's God?

Let me explain why we're going to go through this, because I have met many Christian believers who actually don't fully comprehend the details of what America’s founders did and how they offered us a Biblical worldview at our national founding. They did not insist that a particular theology was going to be the basis of our laws and if you look at who are founders were, each and every one of them and every one of those colonies actually had a different Christian tradition.  They had already had some conflict regarding that - which particular theology would guide one's laws.  

They had come from the Old World where continental Europe and yes, even England, had some serious - literally bloodbaths - over particular nuances of theology in the law. They did not want that and yet somehow, they were able to offer us a Biblical worldview. How did they do that? It's really amazing. It's critical that you understand this. And the reason is that many Christians don't believe in the laws of nature - they don't believe in natural law! That’s a big mistake and what it indicates to me is that they don't understand the idea. They're confusing ideas.  And so they can't get it right.  

They're confusing it - the laws of nature and of Nature's God - natural law with the laws of the so-called law of natural selection. It’s quite different but that's what they think it is.  They think it's the same as the law of the jungle - the survival of the fittest - lex talionis, where natural inclinations determine what laws should be.  Only the strong survive, etc.  but that particular premise, the so called laws of natural selection- that's the opposite of what the Founders talked about in natural law. Natural law refers to viewing nature and the nature of human beings as uniquely ordered and that's actually a tradition in Western Civilization - the idea that there's something special about human beings. 

Later in the program, we’ll be joined by actor John Demakas who does an excellent job in his reading Scriptures.  I'm going to explain to you if you're a Christian, and even if you're not a Christian, why the laws of nature and of nature's God is very much reflected in the Scriptures as the premise on which we should make laws.  It’s not according to my theology, not according to your theology, but according to the laws of nature that are objectively revealed. These are self-evident truths that are objectively seen and can be understood by pointing them out, rather than saying, “I believe it, you've gotta believe it”

If you think you can just make the laws of your state or nation based on your theology and you're going to put your theology into the law, then you're just acting like American Talabani. You must be able to demonstrate what the good and just law should be.


Baby Organ Selling + Gaining Ground From Local Level of Government on Up

In this edition of Life Matters, Brian Johnston interviews Albin Rhomberg, a board member of the Center for Medical Progress. They discuss the exciting news that the Orange County, California, District Attorney has taken legal action and shut down DaVinci Biologics, an international marketer of human baby body parts.

The significance of this action has reverberating consequences, not just for the baby-body parts industry, but for the pro-life movement all the way down to your local level.

Local elected representatives can and will take action if they are encouraged by local pro-life citizens.  The role of pro-life individuals is to function as citizens and ensure that their local, state, and federal laws protect the lives of those who cannot protect themselves.

Airdate: 12-16-17


Why Do Some Christians Hesitate to Defend the Lives of Others?
Interview with Hon. Bill Redmond, Congressman (Ret.)


You know many Christian stations run this program and while we focus on the right to life as a very clear and non-sectarian commitment to the founding principles of this nation, it's actually a commitment to the founding principles, if you will, of Western civilization.

Western Civilization is unique and America is the distillation of the ideals of Western Civilization. That's what happened in 1776. Our Founders took the best ideals of civilization and assertively placed them as their Foundation. There's a Common thread through Western Civilization about the nature of man. He is extraordinary.

After the the fall of the Greek culture and its inheritance by the Roman culture, the rule of law and protection of the innocent continued to be affirmed. This thread was reaffirmed by Christianity as Christianity became the dominant cultural influence. The Hippocratic Oath had spelled out the importance of protecting vulnerable lives, but in other aspects of Western Civilization we see reverberating throughout its history a message- and that is the unique nature of the human person. There's something unique about the human person and that's always been a guidestar for Western Civilization.

If you have other questions about that premise, go to the podcast site and go to the program on Western civilization and why the Hippocratic Oath has been recognized by anthropologists as the dividing line - as the beginning point of Western Civilization. This was specifically because it meant that those who cared for the most vulnerable would care for, but never kill them.  Primitive and savage cultures before this lived under the law of the jungle, the lex talionis, that freely allowed such killings

Under Hippocrates code, those who cared for the most vulnerable human beings swore they would never kill that vulnerable human being because there's something extraordinary about even the most ‘limited’ human life.

Again this ‘rule’ is more often demonstrated and its breaking as Shakespeare said, but that truth has echoed throughout human history, particularly in western civilization.

So on today's program again, because we're aired on many Christian stations, we're going to get into a little bit of Christian theology for the specific reason that you may go to a Christian church and be appalled that people from your church don't understand or support the right-to-life issue.

It can be surprising there's a lot of people, who even though they are Christians and involved in Christianity, it's very clear one of the premises of Christianity is - that you and I are made in the image of God. So not only is there something unique about every human being, but God has endowed us with these unique rights. For Christians to not get that is appalling.

Today’s program comes from a trip I took to Albuquerque, New Mexico. We visit with Congressman Bill Redmond.  While he has served in Congress, he is now very active in the Christian Community in Albuquerque.  I think it's very enlightening  - again in the right to life we approach in a non-sectarian matter because our founders said it is according to the laws of nature and of Nature's God and so they don't go further than that  - but Christians do!! Christians say they have a relationship with Nature's God!!! And so Christians more than anyone else should be able to explain why the right to life is important and it really is disappointing when you find fellow Christians who can't or won’t stand for the vulnerable innocent. Bill Redmond takes a shot at explaining why that is.

Airdate: 12-02-17


Nursing Home Patient Advocacy

In this edition of Life Matters, Brian Johnston interviews Joyce Unangst, a paraplegic volunteer and activist.

Joyce has been involved for many years in supporting those who cannot defend themselves in a long-term care setting.

Brian joins Joyce at a local nursing home in the Sacramento County area. Joyce describes the actual life within a nursing home, the abandonment of many individuals, and family members assuming that professional care, paid by the state or insurance, is adequate. But, that care is overworked and often very unprofessional. Institutionalized neglect and abuse has become rampant in America and Joyce explains what you can do about it.

Airdate: 11-18-17


The Ideals of Western Civilization

So in the broadest sense, Western Civilization is actually dependent upon a view of the human person, that there's something extraordinary about the human person and therefore, the human person should be respected in a certain way.  We see that in the Hippocratic Oath, very specifically the most vulnerable human persons, when at their weakest, should actually be protected. That's the opposite of the law of the jungle. That's the opposite of savage civilizations. That's the opposite of many civilizations that give the powerful absolute authority.

Western Civilization started it with the Hippocratic Oath. The Judeo-Christian model reflecting the teachings of Scriptures confirm that and affirm that man is made in the image of God. The value system, therefore, that came out of the Greco-Roman Judeo-christian model continued on. The Hippocratic Oath was embraced by the Romans as well and then when Roman culture was imbued with Christianity, they continued to honor the Hippocratic Oath. The value of the human person continued to be affirmed and in the European tradition that emanated out of England in 1215, it was declared that your values don't come from the king.  And the divine right of kings was brought into question by the Magna Carta and the 39th Chapter the Magna Carta it was clearly codified. It was written down that no one should be deprived of their life, liberty, or property without due process of law. Of course, that was in Latin but that principle is very much at the heart of the American system.

In the American view of the human person we know that the right to life was established by the founders as a primordial right - a right that does not come from the king or the government, that it's the human person that is special and because of the value of human life government derives its just powers from the value of human lives and not the other way around. So the right to life is the finest expression and defending the right to life of the vulnerable is the finest expression of Western Civilization.

Now to be honest, it's most often been demonstrated as a rule by its breaking. We’ve seen it throughout history and even recent history - in wartime, if soldiers intentionally kill innocent people. For example in My Lai in Vietnam, well unfortunately, they were killing the innocent and they had to be brought to trial and that's the case in Western Civilization.

What defines us from other civilizations is how we view those who are vulnerable and dependent. Will we protect those who are vulnerable and in need? That's the issue. Will the law protect lives of the innocent? And that's where the right to life is at the very foundation of Western Civilization.

Airdate: 11-11-17

Music for this episode was provided by Borrtex via freemusicarchive.org using a Creative Commons


When Emotions Affect Decision Making & The PowerOf7 App

While Life Matters focuses on the battlefield of ideas, something that often trumps ideas and influences many people’s decisions, are emotions.

Emotions predate our consideration of ideas. As infants, emotions dominate our experience of, and understanding of, the world around us. 

Dr. James Dobson once wrote a book called “Emotions: Can You Trust Them?”  Emotions are often indicators. They can indicate something to us about life or our circumstances, but they are not always the best guide for making important decisions.

Images of an unborn child can carry powerful emotion and that’s good news for us in the pro-life movement. The journal Neuromarketing has examined the use of a child’s image in marketing because it universally draws on the emotions of the viewer. Not unlike images of a small animal, these images draw emotions of compassion and protection. That’s good news for us.

But, if that commitment to protecting that child is only based on the emotions surrounding that cute pre-born child, then that pro-life education is incomplete, because killing that unborn child is not wrong because that child is "cute,” killing him or her is wrong because that’s a vulnerable human being. On the other end of the spectrum, when someone is older or incapacitated by serious illness, the decisions we make based on our emotions can be very dangerous if we permit, for emotional reasons, the killing of a vulnerable person just in order to be free of the emotions we feel at at the moment.

Emotions surrounding illness and terminal conditions are very, very powerful. Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross outlined them in her book on the five stages of grief.  These were clarified in her book, “On Death and Dying” (1969). It is a phenomenon that all of us will face. But if we surrender to the emotions and are willing to kill either ourselves or a vulnerable person because of the emotions out of the desire to escape those emotions, we are engaging in a most heinous and reprehensible act. You’re killing a fellow human on the basis of emotions.

The resources that are available for physical pain, Kübler-Ross points out we will often need to help sdeal with the emotional pain, but the rewards of caring for that person instead, are wonderful. She indicates that that is the reason FOR the emotions, to draw people DEEPER into life and help them accept their mortality in a mature way.

Like the foxhole conversion, an individual that is finally willing to face and accept their mortality is transformed in a remarkable way. They no longer wish to just, "get it over with," they appreciate every breath.

Legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide for emotions is very wrongheaded, and prevents individuals from coming to that mature understanding of life.  Kübler-Ross adamantly opposed killing patients because of these emotions. You should too.

Later, Sylvia Aimerito of the PowerOf7 App explains its use and importance for the pro-life movement. The app is free to download to iPhone, smart phones, iPads, etc. Familiarity with the PowerOf7 allows individuals to quickly and easily answer the seven most common pro-abortion arguments. If you ever feel at a loss or insecure about advocating for unborn children, you should consider downloading the free PowerOf7 App to give you the tools you need.   

November 18th, 2017 there is a conference on these issues at BIOLA University, La Mirada California. Go to www.CaringNotKilling.wordpress.com


PowerOf7 App & Importance of the Law

Sylvia Aimerito of the PowerOf7 App explains its use and importance for the pro-life movement. The app is free to download to iPhone, smart phones, iPads, etc. Familiarity with the PowerOf7 allows individuals to quickly and easily answer the seven most common pro-abortion arguments. If you ever feel at a loss or insecure about advocating for unborn children, you should consider downloading the free PowerOf7 App to give you the tools you need.

Brian is again joined by Karen Cross, Political Director of the National Right to Life Committee. They discuss the purpose of the law in protecting the pre-born. Today, in states where pro-life legislation has been allowed to pass, the abortion rate drops precipitously.

Karen reiterates the five ways that pro-life individuals inadvertently elect pro-abortion candidates. The most common is falling in love with just one candidate and if that person doesn’t win then those pro-life supporters fail to work for any other pro-life candidate. This gives victory to the other side.

A very common error of well-meaning people is the idea that we must run third-party candidates against a less than perfect nominee. This inevitably gives the election to the worst of candidates. This was demonstrated in 2008, when Al Franken had won in a very, very close election, but the reason he won was because the pro-life vote was split and 17% of all votes went to the third-party candidate. They guaranteed that Al Franken would become a US Senator. He is one of the most radical, pro-abortion legislators we have seen in modern US history.

Airdate: 10-28-17


Euthanasia and A Special Interview with Carol Tobias

Brian interviews Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

The medical profession in California and in Canada have both abandoned the basic principles of the Hippocratic Oath to never bring harm to a patient. The implications are severe. Ultimately, it is not the patient but the physician who decides which patients will be killed and when.

Later in the program, Brian brings an interview from his visit to the New Mexico Right To Life Convention. There he met with Carol Tobias, President of the National Right to Life Committee. Carol explains what to expect in the coming year, some of the recent votes in Congress, the importance of the 2018 election, and the opportunity to join with National Right to Life at the National Convention in July, 2018. The right to life movement is on the march and individual pro-lifers need to be equipped to address the factual issues.

Airdate: 10-21-17


Why The Right to Life Actually Is ALL About Politics

Brian Johnston interviews Karen Cross, Political Director of the National Right to Life Committee. Karen tells the story because she initially was involved in only wanting to help crisis pregnancies. She felt this was the easiest way to address the widespread abortion culture sweeping her state.

A young woman she was counseling told her that she had had an 18-week saline abortion. She had been told at the clinic that there was no baby, that it was merely a piece of liver. Seeing the expelled child horrified her.

Karen felt that giving such a simple and false description before a decision like abortion is made should be illegal, but it was quite legal. Virginians For Life had introduced an informed consent measure that was always defeated in the state legislature because of the chairmanship of one key committee. Karen finally got involved in the election to replace that legislator and the dam broke! Without that ‘pro-abortion’ legislator stopping all the good bills, West Virginia law could be substantially improved for vulnerable women and their children.

Karen documents the 100,000 fewer abortions – living children that have benefited.

It is critically important to realize that the abortion question is determined by the laws of the states and when Prolife individuals get widely involved in the civic process they can dramatically change the number of abortions.

Professor Michael Jason New has written extensively on the dramatic change brought about by Prolife laws.

In Brian’s final statement he reminds us that the right to life is essentially a statement of political philosophy: it is the duty of the government to protect the lives of those governed. He urges listeners to join with the diverse community of Prolife people in their states to restore the protection of life as the basic element of just law. NRLC and its state affiliates exist for that purpose. 

Airdate: 10-14-17


Will Your Vulnerable Life Be Dismissed By Medicine?

Confronting the Culture of Death

Brian interviews a returning guest, Nancy Valko, RN. Nancy is a medical ethicist and she discusses her hands-on experience in seeing various medical professionals dismiss vulnerable, medically dependent patients.

Nancy demonstrates what the medical practices in many other nations have proven to be true; neurologically impaired individuals are greatly benefited by involvement, interaction, and personal regard, even if they are not initially able to personally respond. The new American medical “tradition” of considering a human being to be a “vegetable” and let him or her simply lay in a hospital bed has proven to be a decidedly ineffective treatment for restoring and healing neurological conditions.

With the recent legalization of medicine to kill vulnerable people, the minimized value of human life presents a great danger for patients in any medical situation. Without concerted efforts and family advocacy, vulnerable patients can be at great risk.

Brian, Nancy Valko, and Alex Schadenberg will be speaking at the Caring Not Killing Conference at BIOLA University on November 18, 2017. Interested individuals can register at CaringNotKilling.WordPress.com

In the latter part of the program Brian is joined by Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition. Alex, a Canadian national, is dealing with the widespread growth of euthanasia in that country. The use of government sponsored medicine has made euthanasia an economic tool in the nation and Alex warns us of what that means for America’s coming changes.

Airdate: 10-07-17


Get Ready! The Aging of America Is At Your Doorstep

In this episode, Brian again interviews Nancy Valko, R.N.

As a Commissioner on Aging and an elder advocate, Brian has seen, up close, many of the issues Nancy refers to; the overworked nursing home employees, the failure of families to visit the medically dependent, the sometimes intentional but often unintentional neglect of nursing home residents.

Both Brian and Nancy give concrete suggestions to prepare you for caring for loved ones that end up in those circumstances.

Because of the current government takeover of healthcare the threat of limited and intentional rationing of the care given to these patients is very, very real. This is a seed bed for the widespread euthanasia of the neglected and forgotten.

The Obamacare rationing system is still law and is still in place (as of October 1, 2017).

In a later discussion, Brian explains the cultural challenge in legally ending abortion. The incredible parallels between the legalized practice of slavery and the legalized practice of abortion is legally and ethically in escapable. Similarly, the approach taken by Abraham Lincoln is the approach needed in our day to restore legal protection to the pre-born child. Brian’s booklet, Lincoln on Life and the Law is an excellent resource for understanding why we pursue the gradual re-establishment of the child’s rights under the law. Lincoln was very clear that both law and public opinion are needed to proceed in the direction of a gradual, step by step approach toward changing the law and ensuring the right to life for the previously enslaved. The right to life of the unborn must likewise proceed steadily and effectively turning both public opinion and the law towards considering the life and rights of the child.

Airdate: 09-30-17


Suicide Contagion

Brian Johnston interviews Nancy Valko regarding copycat suicide and suicide contagion. Nancy, a nurse with a 47 years of experience in the clinical setting dealing with trauma patients and depression, has dealt with all aspects of suicide, including the push for assisted suicide. She is very aware of effective approaches to dealing with depression and suicidal ideation from patients.

Suicide contagion is a phenomenon that has been witnessed throughout history. Starting with the works of the first historian, Herodotus, the only way a culture has been able to prevent suicide contagion or suicide clusters is if society clearly condemns the act of suicide. Endorsing, ‘tolerating,’ or approving of the act only creates more suicidal individuals.

In the second part of the program we examine the ongoing threat of the Obamacare rationing board, the independent payment advisory board, which would force a federal standard of medical care on the entire nation in the name of keeping low cost of medical inflation. It would do so only by prohibiting any “costly medical treatment it deemed beyond the scope of appropriate care.”

Congress must act soon to prohibit this law from remaining in effect.

Airdate: 9-23-17


California Victories & Work Ahead

As the California legislature comes to a close for 2017, Brian announces several legislative victories in stopping SB 309, the prochoice license plate bill, and SB 481, regarding intentional dehydration of nursing-home residents.

California ProLife citizens responded to a decidedly pro-abortion California legislature and made known they were concerned about the ideological super imposition of the abortion and death culture on our state. Because of their effective work, both of these bills were stopped. It was the state wide messaging of Life Matters Radio that made a difference and the faithful follow through with prolife individuals from San Diego to Redding.

In the second part of the program Brian interviews Sylvia Aimerito, one of the creators of the “PowerOf7,” a free smart phone app that helps with the tools to become effective in presenting the Message of Life.

In the third part of the program we hear congressional updates and information on upcoming events at BIOLA University as well as in New Mexico, South Dakota, and North Dakota that address the assisted suicide debate.

Airdate: 9-16-17       


California’s Forced Abortion Culture

The State of California is unique in the nation when it comes to abortion. When Roe versus Wade is overturned and states again have the ability to protect unborn children, many states will immediately enact such law.

But, California is dramatically different. Not only is abortion allowed at all times and can even be performed by non-physicians, but the state coffers of California are now underwriting the abortion industry. Every aspect of abortion marketing is paid for by state funds. The rent, the overhead expenses in the day-to-day operation of abortion clinics are all eligible for state financing. It is not just the ‘doctor’ with blood on his gloves who is being paid for the abortion, it is the entire infrastructure of the abortion culture and industry.

But the State of California has gone even further, and is now forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to violate their conscience and promote abortion to every young pregnant mother that enters their facility. Assembly Bill 775, which passed on a party line vote, forces California’s crisis pregnancy centers to offer mandatory information that there is a free abortion available, and instructions to the nearest abortion clinic to each and every pregnant woman who walks in the door.

In this episode, host Brian Johnston discusses the coming court battles over AB-775 with Scott Scharpen of the Scharpen Foundation. The foundation underwrites the ongoing day-to-day operation of a mobile crisis pregnancy counseling center, which offers pregnancy tests, ultrasound, and the many resources available for a young mother to care for the child in her womb. AB-775 will force this mobile crisis pregnancy center clinic, and all pro life crisis pregnancy centers in the state, to force abortion promotion against their will. A federal court case has been brought and a state case is being pursued. It is interesting to note that the state’s freedom of speech clause had been interpreted as giving much more freedom than even the federal free speech clause, so this California state court case may have an even greater chance of being upheld.

The California Prolife Council is supporting both of these cases, and provides many opportunities for Californians to stand for life.

Airdate: 9-09-17


Glycine - The Necessary Amino Acid

Life Matters is dedicated to life culture in the battle of ideas: the abortion and euthanasia debate, and the fact that there’s been a dramatic change in medical ethics. When our health begins to fail, it is no longer incumbent on medical ethics to care for and comfort the patient, instead it is now ethically acceptable to simply eliminate vulnerable human beings.

Brian is again joined by Dr. Joel Brind, biologist and endocrinologist. Dr. Brind explains the phenomenon of inflammation, and the direct relationship of many contemporary illnesses to the physical phenomenon of inflammation.

Airdate: 7-29-17


Abortion, the War On Motherhood, And the Breast Cancer Connection

Brian interviews Dr. Joel Brind, Professor of Biology and Endocrinology at Baruch College, City University of New York. Dr. Brind is world renowned for his research and exposure of the abortion breast cancer link, a direct linear connection that the scientist demonstrated as incontrovertible.

In Brian’s introduction he explains a deeper issue that is often lost in the abortion debate and in this important battle of ideas: the push for abortion is actually a concerted part of the war against motherhood.

This war against motherhood is the part of a larger cultural battle that includes the false claim that human beings are what is harming the planet, that there is a “problem” of overpopulation, and that young women should not embrace or look forward to the idea that motherhood is a good thing.

This ideological battle that necessarily includes killing young children in the womb, is harmful to women and to all humankind, as it is only through motherhood that human beings can come into the world. The laws of nature, and of nature’s God, are under direct assault. The implications of this war on motherhood, the war on the unborn, and the distain for humanity which has become rampant under the current cultural zeitgeist, brings great harm and personal danger for those who fall under its sway. The abortion- breast cancer link is one of the most striking examples.

Dr. Joel Brind explains how pregnancy and the hormones that accompanied it immediately begin to change the nature of a woman’s body. One of the most striking and evident changes is enlargement of her breasts and the growth of mammary glands to provide future sustenance for the child she is carrying. As we now know from stem cell research, certain cells are given assignments for a specific job. Before that time they are known as undifferentiated, or stem cell’s, the cell’s that are to become memory glands begin to develop during pregnancy but do not reach maturation until very late in the pregnancy. An abrupt end of the natural sensation of pregnancy holds their development in mid-stage. They have not reached the “assignment” stage of being productive memory glands yet. Later in life their presence and undeveloped nature allows them to be susceptible to growing in a disorderly manner, which is the definition of a cancer.

 Our Wordsworth section examines the term “reproductive rights” as exposed in testimony before the California State Senate by Brian Johnston. The intellectually dishonest use and abuse of language is one of the essential tools used by advocates of abortion in the battle of ideas.

The opportunity to donate a vehicle, boat or other items to California Pro-Life allows for the best return because of its conscientious attempt to get the best value from each donation: a tax-deductible receipt and the knowledge that their own vehicle has helped helped the pro-life cause.

Airdate: 7-22-17


Wesley J. Smith, Bobby Schindler, Wordsworth: At the NRL Convention

In this episode Brian interviews several stellar individuals in the Right to Life movement at the 2017 National Right to Life convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also has an in-depth analysis of the Charlie Gard story and why it is significant in an era of socialized medicine. Finally, “Wordsworth” examines a new concept in medical ethics “futile care,”and what it really means.

Wesley J. Smith discusses his new book: Culture of Death: The Age of Do Harm Medicine, and how medical ethics has now been inverted. The average individual who does not understand this change will be at great risk when they are subject to the whims of a medical situation.

Bobby Schindler discusses his work on behalf of medically vulnerable individuals who are in danger of being killed in the same manner as his sister, Terri Schiavo.

Brian goes into greater depth regarding the Charlie Gard case, where parents who are willing and able to pay for a treatment to help their son live are prohibited from doing so by the British health service. The British health service has proven itself inadequate in addressing truly serious cutting-edge medicine. Even though Charlie’s parents have raised the funds to send him to the United States, the British National Health Service insisted they have the authority to decide what happens to Charlie, and their intention was that he should, “die with dignity.”

Dignity is the adjective most commonly used when someone who wants you dead desires to sell the method of killing. It is a word that has come to mean whatever the speaker intends.

“”Wordsworth" examines a popular new adjective in medical ethics, “futile”. The adjective implied refers to the care provided to the patient, but in many ethical settings the adjective is actually being applied to the human being in someone’s personal judgment of the value of their ongoing life. “Futile care”, is a phrase regularly used to intentionally deny all food and water thus ending the life of someone who is not actually terminal.

Airdate: 7-15-17


The Importance of Being a Pro-Life Speaker, Wherever and Whoever You Are

Brian interviews Olivia Gans Turner, director of American Victims of Abortion and spokeswoman for the National Right to Life Committee. Olivia explains that being a pro-life advocate is really not that difficult. There are standard questions that come up every time. Once you understand what they are it is not difficult to help people over the hurdles that are often used to justify unlimited abortion.

What is more important to recognize, especially now that abortion has been legal since 1973, is the fact that many personally know someone who has had an abortion or they themselves may have had an abortion. This may create in them a sense of defensiveness and they need to justify an abortion supporting position.

Olivia, who has had an abortion herself, underscores the need to be empathetic and compassionate towards those who may disagree with us. This sense of emotional support of the individual, as opposed to support of the action, often allows the listener to be more receptive to the reasoning as to why abortion has been and should be against the law and not facilitated by the government.

Call In: Grace called in from Santa Rosa. She asked who Charlie Gard is, because his name has been in the news. Brian explained that he is a boy born in England with a genetic illness that impacts his brain development. His parents have heard of a treatment available only in the United States. They took it upon themselves to raise 1.5 million British pounds, more than $2 million to send Charlie to the U.S. for this special treatment. The British health system, however, prohibited him from going for this treatment. They declared that what he needed to do was, "die with dignity”.

Charlie's parents appealed to the British court system but the government denied them the right to have their child treated even though they were going to pay for it. The parents then appealed to the European court of human rights. Again the courts sided with the bureaucrats. Charlie's parents have also appealed to the public conscience. Soon, President Trump and many other world leaders urged the British government to allow the parents to care for their child if they so wished.

This is a stark example of government overstepping its bounds in assuming that the role of government is to determine who is worthy and who is not, who has a right to live, and who should be denied care and treatment. This is extremely common wherever socialized medicine becomes the law of the land.

Airdate: 7-08-17


Abortion Pill Reversal and Church Involvement in the Battle of Ideas

In this episode of Life Matters, Brian interviews Dr. George Delgado, founder of “abortion reversal”. Dr. Delgado has developed a procedure whereby the RU-486 abortion pill can be reversed should the young mother change her mind in time.

Brian also interviews Jonathan Keller of California Family Council. They discuss the need for churches to be actively involved in the civic realm and in the very real battle of ideas. Helping and encouraging pastors with the tools and resources in volunteering to be the touchstone for the congregation are great ways to encourage civic involvement. Churches are an essential part of changing our culture right where you are.

Airdate: 7-01-17


The Right To Life As the Essential Building Block of Society

There is a battle of ideas raging all around us. One of the principal ideas that our society has been built upon is exactly what America’s founders stated clearly in the Declaration: that self-evident truths need to be put forward and protected for a just society. The first and foremost of these is the right to life.

I'm going to talk about what happens when the right to life is no longer understood or ensured by the government – how bad can it get? Without the right to life as a guiding principle of society there is no standard of right or wrong in protecting vulnerable human beings. Bizarre experimentation and disposal of human beings as mere property cannot be stopped unless the right to life is again asserted and enforced as a basic principle of the law.

The idea of the right to life predates even the Declaration of Independence reaching back, at the very least to the Magna Carta in A.D. 1215. Article 39, the due process of law concept, first set forth that no one can be deprived of life or in anyway destroyed, without the intervention and protection of the government to ensure that the innocent are protected.

Since 1973, in the US Supreme Court's dismissal of a right to life for the unborn child, there is no longer any standard that can be used to judge what is medically and ethically appropriate.

Airdate: 6-24-17


Be A Pro-Life Speaker

Brian Johnston and James Jenkins, Chair of California Pro-life Speakers Bureau, discuss why it's important to read up and be trained in giving an effective pro-life presentation.

Commissioner Johnston and Mr. Jenkins explore several books which they recommend: Who Broke the Baby, by Jean Garton, Handbook on Abortion, by Dr. John Willkie, and the subsequent Willkie books.

Various slide presentations and videos are also discussed as well as the opportunity to be involved as a pro-life presenter through any of the National Right to Life state affiliates. In California we have the California Pro-life Council and Right to Life Federation. Go to www.californiaprolife.org.    

Airdate: 6-10-17  


SB-481 Long-term Health Facilities: Informed Consent

Brian Johnston, interviewed by Craig Roberts of Life!Line, discusses the pending Senate Bill 481. The Bill, sponsored by Senator Pan, allows nursing homes to declare non-terminal and conscious patients to be incompetent, and thereby have authority to withdraw a patient's food and water.

Craig discusses the relationship with the assisted suicide issue and the tendency to present it benevolently, as an act of kindness or an act of autonomy. But, at its heart it is the dismissal of individuals that society no longer wishes to care for.

Brian explains the nature of SB 481, what happens in nursing homes (he was on the Board of Examiners of California's Nursing Homes, and a California Commissioner on Aging). The great danger posed to medically dependent individuals is inescapable and opposition to Senate Bill 481 must be made known.

Airdate: 6-3-17


California Legislation (2017-2018 ) with Ashley McPartlin

Brian Johnston and Ashley McPartlin discuss legislation introduced for the two-year session of the California legislature: 2017-2018.

Brian gives background on the nature of legislation; it is simply being ideas that are enforced. There is a critical need for pro-life individuals to be aware of, and comfortable in the realm of ideas.

If you are not from California, the discussion is pertinent to all states, as California like every other state, has a two-year, two-house (bicameral) legislature (except for Nebraska which is a unicameral legislature). The United States Congress on the federal level also elects in two year cycles.

Every election year we, as citizens, elect those who will look at ideas and decide whether or not they should become law. We as citizens must also look at those ideas, as well as at the individuals we hire (elect) to make such decisions.

Several dangerous ideas have been submitted to the California legislature. One is SB-562 which would entrust all health decisions and their financing to all California's citizens to the state of California itself. This is known as ‘single-payer’ healthcare. In every jurisdiction where it has been implemented it results in rationing and denial of treatment for those individuals that government bureaucrats have determined should not get any more healthcare. In addition, in California all abortion services would be funded without limit. This is a very bad bill.

Brian and Ashley discuss the implications of collectivist medicine as it has been expressed in Canada, the UK, Russia and other collectivist systems. It always results in rationing and inferior medicine for the masses. Citizens in such countries have only gotten good treatment for serious illness when they engage in what is known as medical tourism. Buffalo, New York is one city that has enjoyed the financial benefit of Canadians seeking better healthcare and avoidance of the infamous medical “queue.” In Canada you must wait months to see specialists.

Senate Bill 309 will establish a “Celebrate Choice” license plate that the state of California would distribute via the DMV. It also creates a fund that would give the money raised from these plates to abortion providers. This would be the first such "pro-choice plate" in the nation. Twenty-seven other states have “Celebrate Life” license plates.

SB-320 would mandate that state colleges will distribute the abortifacient pill RU486 to students through their health system. There are extensive issues to this abortifacient. This is not a “morning after pill” or a contraceptive. It is only used when a child is known to be present. It is extremely dangerous for the young mother as it attacks her body first in order to get at the child. This has been slowed, and has now become a two-year bill.

SB-481 would allow nursing homes to declare vulnerable, conscious patients, who are not terminal, to be incapacitated and then allow the administrators to withdraw all sustenance and care resulting in their death. In England this was referred to as the “Liverpool Pathway to Death.” It was so horrific that the UK parliament banned the practice. Senator Pan’s Bill SB-481 would allow the practice to continue and would offer legal protection for medical facilities that killed their patients through this form of intentional medical neglect.

Senate Bill 743 gives even more funding to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in expectation of federal funds that are going to be cut off by the Trump administration.

Senate Constitutional Amendment 7 by Senator Moorlach would cease the funding of the embryonic stem cell research measure passed by the voters which gives $6 billion to an industry that has had no successes. There has been extensive discussion of why embryonic stem cell research is a failure on our other programs. It is important to know these things. Please listen to those programs.

Airdate: 5-27-17


Euthanasia By Intentional Medical Neglect

Euthanasia is being practiced in the United States under what is supposedly voluntary circumstances. This is known as “Dr. Assisted Suicide”. But whatever voluntary euthanasia is, it quickly has moved to involuntary euthanasia.

Euthanasia is currently legal in the United States under the auspice of “Dr. Assisted Suicide”. But there are many cases of euthanasia by intentional medical neglect as well. All around the world where physicians are allowed to kill patients, euthanasia quickly moves from voluntary to involuntary.

Brian interviews with Mike Hodas of San Francisco, California who witnessed the intentional medical killing of his wife and the not too subtle approach of medical professionals to remove him from any decision-making capacity. Mrs. Hodas had all food and water removed from her although she was not terminal. It is the removal of food and fluids that makes anyone terminal. It is an act of intentional medical neglect which results in the intentional killing of the patient.

Airdate: 5-20-17


Ensoulment and the Issue of Animal Rights

Brian Johnston gives an overview of why the assertion of the right to live is not based on the theological question of Ensoulment. The right to life is based on self-evident truths as demonstrated through observation and demonstrated in the laws of nature.

“Ensoulment” is an issue which is often raised regarding the question of the right to life of a pre-born child. But this issue of when the soul enters the body is solely one of conjecture and religious opinion.

The invocation of such a question is merely an invitation to uncertainty and ultimately leads to a lack of conviction regarding protection for that child. The right to life, on the other hand, is based solely on self-evident truths that are demonstrable and can be shown objectively, and is not determined on personal predilection or personal enlightenment in opinion. The founders of United States asserted that this was necessary in establishing justice and that, in fact, right to life was the first and most immediate of the self-evident truths established for the purpose of government to protect.

Brian tells the story of his cat “Tiger.” The friendship and comfort we get from animals is often confused with a question of soul and is currently being used to promote the notion of animal rights. It is critically important that this very pernicious idea, that an animal should have the same rights as a human being, be confronted for what it is: a confusing assertion, based not much on fact, but in our emotional feelings towards those animals.

The protection of innocent children in the womb is based upon scientific evidence. Common law protected the child after quickening, but protection of the child from conception began in England in the mid-1800s after Sir Thomas Barry had witnessed conception is the beginning of human life in the modern microscope. By 1860, the British Parliament had enacted the “Crimes Against the Person Act,” making all abortions a felony.

The United Kingdom had moved to outlaw the slave trade long before the United States rose to the proper understanding of the humanity of the slave. Similarly, the United Kingdom rose to the protection of the unborn child long before the United States. An American student at the University of Edinburgh was in fact studying childbirth at the time. His name was Dr. Horatio Storer and he became the Father of Modern Gynecology.

On his return to the States, he took it upon himself to similarly pass laws to protect that vulnerable child who had been denied legal protection. Storer, along with the American Medical Association, went state by state, not asserting his faith as the premise, but asserting the self-evident, scientific truths of the child's life in the womb which was demonstrable and which was beyond debate. Those are the laws that were in effect up until 1973.

Those laws are obviously under attack, but what is worse is that logical thinking is under attack with the new assertion that animals are essentially the same as human beings and should be afforded the same rights. There is confusion in both mind and heart regarding this battle of ideas and even well-meaning Christians have errantly been seduced by such thinking.

It is vitally important to understand the battle of ideas that human laws are first and foremost designed to protect human lives; that animals should indeed be cared for and protected, but they are of an entirely different nature than the laws which need to be in place for human beings. Professor Peter Singer is one of many thought leaders who is forcing on the culture the idea that animals are in fact in some cases more worthy than certain human beings of having their lives protected. This is a direct assault on the right to life.

Airdate: 5-13-17


Socialist Medical Science - with Special Guest Sir Winston Churchill

In the battle of ideas it is not uncommon for people to carry ideas in their head, but they don't know what the name of that idea really is. One of the most common, dangerous ideas abroad today is that of socialism. Socialism is a faith that, at its heart, believes that government must be empowered and government must address evil that emanates from classes of people, and that the purpose of government is to limit the evil done by certain groups of people. It is a faith that doesn't necessarily believe in individual right and wrong, but clearly believes in group right and wrong and is therefore a religious worldview, although it is a worldview that is quite free to deny God. It has its own morality and ethics, teaching sense of cultural sin and sense of redemption - all of which is dependent on the centralized government that is established to determines these things

The election of 2016 voting patterns demonstrated just how widespread this idea is as Bernie Sanders garnered millions upon millions of supportive votes for his very clear proclamation of socialist ideas. It is vitally important to realize that socialism views groups as the basis of society not human individuals and that socialism is – as a systematic approach to human events, willing to dismiss the value of individual lives.

The great challenge of World War II was actually in warring against this idea of socialism. Socialism came in two major forms. National Socialism - a collectivist form of government tried to right the wrongs of a nation which was perceived as an oppressed race, the defeated Germanic people as a cultural group. The other form of socialism is international socialism, which had gained a foothold in Russia, destroyed the foundations of that country and quickly spread like a cancer to the other Slavic nations creating a Soviet union. Inter-national Socialism, or Soviet communism, believes that the entire world should be governed by governments that treat people as groups and addresses the evil done by certain groups. It views ‘The perfect society’ as one, giant, egalitarian group.

Sir Winston Churchill recognized that freedom required opposing,, and ultimately destroying, both forms socialism, as science and all the tools of mankind would be perverted and individual human lives crushed under such ideas.

His speech, Their Finest Hour, is but one example of his clarity on the idea that the role of a just and free government is to protect the lives of its people and to not act against them.

Airdate: 5-06-17


California Legislation Regarding Right to Life

Brian Johnston, host of the Life Matters along with Roger Marsh, host of the Bottom Line, discuss several important pieces of California legislation. One is a bill which would mandate the distribution of the drug RU486 throughout the California college system. There are many many people including many pro-lifers, who regularly confuse RU486 with other pills taken, such as the morning after pill. The morning after pill is actually designed as a contraceptive, and is regularly included in rape kits issued at police stations in order to prevent the onset of pregnancy.

RU486 is a dramatically different and a very lethal drug taken only after the woman is quite pregnant, usually she has missed at least one period. RU486 literally attacks the woman's body first. This very powerful artificial steroid is a combination of several drugs it causes the mothers body to no longer be a nurturing motherly body in spite of the fact that nature has designed her to dramatically change during pregnancy to fulfill her role as a mother. The drug causes her to cease providing nutrition and hydration to the child resting in her womb. Eventually, the child within her dies and is expelled as a miscarriage which she witnesses. Only then, upon seeing the head and arms and legs, will many women realize this is not merely a vague cluster of cells or a blob of tissue.

Women in France, where this was designed, numerous women have died from the effects of RU486 on their own body. Many feminist authors have spoken out against RU486 because of the fact that it essentially attacks the woman's body in order to impact the body of the child. Giving this drug to young women in their late teens, who have no real understanding of the risks involved, is a very, very dangerous proposal.

A second bill has to do with the other end of life and that is a bill authorizing nursing homes to, on their own recognizance, declare patients to be incompetent. This declaration empowers the nursing home to make any medical decisions they choose. What is not understood by many is that a very common medical decision, now being made for the sick, the terminally ill, seriously ill and even the disabled or otherwise medically dependent, is to simply end the life of that patient.

Voluntary euthanasia through self-starvation and volunteer euthanasia through physician assistance (i.e. physician-assisted suicide), is already illegal in many places. The doctrine of substituted judgment allows a third-part to make that decision on behalf of a vulnerable patient. Thus, voluntary euthanasia has already moved to the status of non-voluntary euthanasia and is being practiced in California.  State Senator Pan has sponsored SB 481 which protects nursing homes and other medical facilities from action when they decide to deny essential care or even intentionally cause the death of one of their patients. While this is a challenge in California in the growing battle of ideas, it is now a challenge nation and world wide.

Airdate: 4-29-17


Life Film Festival

Brian Johnston meets with Roger Marsh of the radio show Bottom Line and they interview Beau Brians: Communications Director of Life Fest Film Festival.

The single most influential town in our nation is that place we refer to as "Hollywood". In the battle of ideas regarding the value of human life, Hollywood is a natural starting point. The influence of films on our culture and the thinking of the modern American, in fact, every member of the western world, is influenced by the films that are exported from Hollywood.

Life Fest Film Festival is an annual event in Hollywood, California that honors those films that,  in particular, value the significance of even the seemingly insignificant life. This had been a hallmark of classical Hollywood, but those values seem to have been lost.

Life Fest Film Festival provides an opportunity for industry professionals as well as rising filmmakers and film aficionados to network together and to work on changing the message of Hollywood to affirm Human Life once again.

More than 300 films from throughout the world are submitted each year for screening at the Raleigh Studios screening rooms. Raleigh Studios is the original studio for Hollywood founded by Charlie Chaplin in 1915 and is still a working studio lot for both film and television shows throughout the week.

In addition to the film screenings, there are workshops for those interested in film-making and the Hollywood culture, and there is a special Filmmaker's Challenge: The 5 x 5 for Life where filmmaker's are given five days to write, produce, direct, and score a five minute film. All submissions that follow the rules are guaranteed to screen on the big screen in Hollywood.

Airdate: 4-22-17


National Right to Life - Equipping You for the Battle for Life

Brian Johnston, the host of Life Matters does in-office interviews with key staff members of the National Right to Life Committee. Brian interviews Jackie Ragan, Director of the NRL Convention, on the importance of the National Right to Life convention in bringing together the Pro-Life family from across the nation, and equipping individuals with a deeper understanding of how to win in the battle of life. This year, the NRL convention is in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the second segment, Brian interviews Dave Andrusko, of the NRL News and NRL News Today. It is critically important that Pro-Life individuals have an understanding of what is happening both nationally and internationally, and that they are equipped to deal with issues as they come into their own community. 

Air Date: 4-15-17


The Difference One Life Can Make

Brian Johnston interviews author, businessman, radio host Marty Pay. They discuss how one individual’s involvement in the needs around them is the most immediate answer to human challenges, and it always has been.
The message of the Right To Life is the significance and value of each and every human life. What is often forgotten is that this principle applies to each and everyone of us. Each of us has the ability to change circumstances around us but often we are lulled into inaction. People in a local nursing home are you just as much emotional and spiritual being as people die in the streets of Calcutta. And while it is noble to help those in Calcutta, ignoring those who are immediately at hand, is the greatest tragedy.

Includes review of Pierre Sauvage's award-winning documentary, Weapons of the Spirit (1987).

Air Date: 4-1-17


Team for the Battle – National Right to Life Committee

Brian Johnston and his special guest, Lawrence Lehr from Sonoma County ProLife, discuss how you can get involved and make a difference in the Battle of Ideas with the help of volunteer programs and the unifying ideals of the National Right to Life Committee.

A national unifying team. We are in a Battle of Ideas, but there seems to be so many volunteers and so many team directions. How can we work together? What unifies us? A house divided cannot stand. National Right to Life unifies pro-life efforts.

There are many groups and organizations, religious or helping centers, but how will we actually change the law? How will we end this scourge of legalized abortion?

N.O.E.L. (National Organization of Episcopalians for Life), are great folks. I like them and work with them. But this is not an Episcopalian issue. The Right To Life is a human rights issue. A civil right for the vulnerable innocent to have their vulnerable lives protected.

National Right to Life Committee. Non-sectarian, Non-partisan, single issue in focusing on changing the law and restoring the Right To Life.

Interview with Lawrence Lehr, Sonoma County ProLife.

Brian answers a listener's question on whether or not assisted suicide is actually an act of compassion for the dying or an emotional escape for the living.

Air Date: 3-18-17


Trump Addresses Abortion Funding and More

Few people realize how much government support, underwriting, and protection the abortion industry receives in the state of California. Brian Johnston and his special guest, Albin Rhomberg, discuss the actual issues of government sponsorship of the abortion industry, Donald Trump's commitment to stopping federal funding of Planned Parenthood, and the failure for many private individuals to recognize that abortion is now a government sponsored program coming from your local tax dollars.

In addition to federal grants, state funds directly go to abortion as well as in the name of family planning, in addition to county funds, municipal funds, and secret special discrepancy funds find their way into Planned Parenthood and the conference of other abortion promoting and providing organizations.

Albin Rhomberg discusses his experience in chronicling and documenting of the horrendous discovery of 16,000 baby corpses, the human remains of aborted children in a cargo unit that had been left by the side of a freeway in Woodland Hills, California in 1982. The incident was later referred to as the Los Angeles fetus disposal scandal. After an extensive court battle these children were finally given a respectful burial in Boyle Heights, California, a suburb of Los Angeles but no criminal charges were ever filed against any of the parties involved.

How can you make a difference in this Battle of Ideas? Think locally, and get involved in local elections. Ask questions of your local politicians. For a great resource for asking the right questions in your localtown hall meetings and political conferences, go to the California ProLife Council and NRLC to learn more about the Right To Life.

Help Stop Assisted Suicide

Air Date: 3-11-17


Is Suicide Infectious?

Is suicide infectious? Suicide contagion has been documented throughout history the earliest historians of Western civilization Plutarch and Herodotus recorded several examples of suicide cults in addition to suicide epidemics.

Human beings are extraordinary creatures capable of great and noble acts but we are also capable of terrifying and frightening acts, such as engaging in suicide and the infectious nature of suicide. Ancient history documented suicide cults and the suicide contagion is present in modern times even in our more recent history, such as the Jonestown cult in 1978 and the Comet Hale–Bopp cult of 1997. Individuals involved fulfilled a need or a strong suggestion to take their life even though some expressed skepticism at the logic of their fellow suicidals.

A common error in addressing suicide is to express sympathy in our regard for the individual but fail to strongly and clearly condemn the action itself. An example of successful suicide prevention was the intentional act of Courtney Love in publicly condemning the action of her husband, Kurt Cobain, while still respecting her and her daughter's loss. It is believed that her clear distinction and condemnation of his suicide may have saved many, many lives.

The implications of copycat or socially manipulated suicide once assisted suicide is legalized is inescapable, it has been documented in the rapid rise of suicide where ever assisted suicide is legalized.

Special guest interview with Dr. Mark Hoffman.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Mark Hoffman joins us to discuss the 5-Stages of Grief outlined by Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross in her book, On Death and Dying (1969). Terminal diagnosis often leads to depression and makes an individual extremely susceptible to suicidal suggestions.

Help Stop Assisted Suicide

Air Date: 3-4-17


Silver Tsunami

Dispelling the myth that the seniors in society are a burden. There is a wave of an aging population now crashing down upon us. What we decide to do about it will reveal what we truly value and determine if we are still a society that protects vulnerable human lives and their Right To Life.

The law is there to protect the lives of the vulnerable. RTL is built on that. Western civilization is aging. Healthcare/assisted suicide/ ethical debates are not in a vacuum.

Eastern and other cultures deeply honor the elderly ours no longer does that! It's good to get older, Brian was a Commissioner on Aging when he was younger.

Status US Census Bureau:

in 1900 6.4% of population was 60 or older.

In 2000 16.8 % 60 or older.

By 2020 22% will be 60 or older.

By 2025 over ¼ will be over 60 years old.

You will need healthcare when you get older.

Obamacare was a scam. Only if the very young signed up would it have worked, but the young don't need or often use Obamacare. The tidal wave is now crashing on us. We don't have the younger workers needed to care for the growing senior segment. The answer is in the family, society's basic premise. Age well.. stay healthy...eat your veggies, said your mom! Because she wanted you to get older.

The sad growth of elder abuse. Emotional/physical/fiduciary abuse. The push for assisted suicide – the ultimate form of elder abuse. Designed for the dependent population to eliminate them, if the agree. Or if you can get them to agree. Already the highest suicide rate is among elderly white men, because of loneliness.

The non-productive, ill, and dependent are a new class of the kill-able, i.e. approved for suicide. Assisted suicide is not for those who are actually dying. they die. assisted suicide is for those who aren't dying fast enough according to an external schedule.

Myths about medical care.

The Open Society Study - 7 Myths Of Senior Care. "They cost too much." In fact, Journal of American Geriatric Society says seniors are not getting more treatment they are getting dramatically less. They are not getting extraordinary care.

Air Date: 2-25-17


Assisted Suicide - The Killing Assistant

The laws on assisted suicide only really change one thing. Now assistants and those who encourage suicide will no longer be scrutinized or held accountable.

What is the actual change in the law? Who benefits from these new changes?  This is a dramatic change   in medical ethics. The bright line, the protective nature of medicine is now gone.  But on another level the legal nature of the law has been lost. The principle of the law is to protect your rights, but to be dead is not a right. Rights apply to living human beings. Rights emanate from your living humanity, so there is no Right To Die. It is an inevitability.  When assisted suicide is legalized the only change is that the assistant is no longer investigated or prosecuted. This is an invitation to abuse and emotional manipulation.

Derek Humphry admits in his first book, Jean’s Way that his wife was entirely dependent on his decision – not hers.

Manipulation of the emotions of the vulnerable is an inescapable possibility. Margaret Pabst-Battin an assisted suicide advocate, has admitted that this is the case.

Wordsworth – the deceitful use of the word “hopeless”.   It does not describe a physical condition or state, it is actually a reference to an emotion, to a feeling.  The use of such language to justify medical killing.  Brittany Maynard's emotions and the emotional nature of her sweetness and her illness were sold as hopeless. This was in fact a misrepresentation of the medical reality.

Air Date: 2-18-2017


Lincoln on Life and the Law

You are in a battle of ideas. It will be getting more intense...you will be immersed in it. How you decide to deal with those ideas will determine if you are successful and if the right ideas are successful.
Lincoln fought in the realm of ideas and the issue of slavery is extremely parallel to the abortion issue. Lincoln is also our example for how we must deal with the Supreme Court's decision to deny legal rights, or the Right To Life to vulnerable human beings.

Abortion and slavery very parallel in California. The child in the womb has no rights. The state even pays for the abortion and the abortion industry. Several states fund the abortion industry.

See the Movie – Lincoln (2012) by Steven Spielberg

Read the Lincoln – Douglas debates...reveal that the Republican party was founded to give anti-slavery people a civic voice. Abolitionists did not address the civic process, they merely wanted it ended and would often use confusing procedures and reasoning... violent riots, John Brown's Harper Ferry uprising, religious arguments on both sides. The Republican Party was founded to end slavery via civic process. "Ballot's not Bullets."

Abolitionism was a confused and arbitrary commitment to just do something against slavery. Republican Party was committed to passing laws via elections, and using self-evident truths. Civics is the battle of ideas. The Civic process is how we will end abortion. We, like Lincoln must wisely transcend emotion and pursue the compelling truths of life.

Two significant Supreme Court Decisions in American History were supposed to end the contentious debate once and for all.

Instead they used the power of the court to simply claim absolute authority over citizens and the laws of the state, and, "the matter is closed." The abuse of the power of a supreme tribunal over human lives did not solve any issues it created much worse problems.

Dredd Scott, 1857 and Roe v Wade, 1973 - dramatic parallels

  • Both were an overwhelming 7-2 decision
  • Black slave not a person v Pre-born child not a person
  • Property of the owner (caretaker) v Property of owner (mother)
  • Owner could keep, sell or kill v Owner (mother) may keep or kill
  • Others could not impose their morals v Others could not impose their morals

"If you are opposed to slavery, that's fine, Just don't own one."

How did Lincoln deal with this most difficult of decisions and the previous 87 years of commitment to self-evident truths and the national resolve to bring to pass an end to the scourge of slavery? (Yes, even at the founding, many Founders wanted to end the cruel practice. They were called the Whigs and carried on the traditions of the founders and Framers) His example is absolutely necessary for us to understand what to do today.

The Lincoln–Douglas Debates extremely insightful. Alton, Illinois site of deadly slavery riots. Was the setting of the pivotal debate. Douglas proclaimed that he did not favor slavery, but like others in previous American history did not see the duty to deny others this manner of industry. They were making a living.

The Lincoln–Douglas Debates of 1858 - Lincoln Home
National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)

You must prepare for your Battle of Ideas now. The past is prologue. We can best understand what to do in the present and future when we understand what has actually goes on in the PAST. Most of us have had an inadequate and simplified view of Lincoln and his challenge.

Lincoln was not an abolitionist. Abolitionists had no specific plan. They operated out of emotion and moral outrage, and justified doing bizarre and counterproductive things. The Republican Party was specifically founded to give voice – in the civic realm – to opposition to slavery, so that the laws would protect the vulnerable innocent lives. It is the law that we must fight for .. the law is where the battle of ideas takes place.

The Republican Party was the tool by which slavery could be removed from the law, and the tool through which the XIIIth, XIVth and XVth Amendment could be passed. Many abolitionists resented Lincoln's distinction between unfettered abolitionism and the Republican Party, but it was a bright and clear line. Republicans would work through the law to change the law.

We are dedicated to do that today.

Go to NRLC and California ProLife Council to learn more about the Right To Life.

Air Date: 2-11-2017


Relativism v Objective Reality

"We hold these truths to be self-evident..." America's values and principles are built on objective facts, self-evident truths, not opinion or feelings.    If an individual embraces relativism, (the idea that truth is changeable at different times and different places), then there are no objective facts, no definitive truths on which to agree. If relativism is embraced as valid, there then would be no such thing as a definitive Right To Life or any definitive truth or facts. The Right To Life is an idea. Ideas that are enforced are laws. Laws based on subjective relativism are changeable and sometimes dangerous. They are not based in facts, but in ideologies.

The objective facts of human life are recognizable and not opinion. Nature itself shows forth these objective facts. One such fact is the beating heart of every one of us, which started beating as early as 16 days after conception. The Right To Life is not about opinions, it is about self-evident truths. The child's heart does not beat because I believe that it beats. It simply does. WE have to stick to the facts in making our laws, not to personal beliefs or opinions.

America's Founders did not assert a religious but rather a logical conclusion. The assertion that there is a Creator is shown forth in nature itself. The government did not create us, it is we who were created and we in turn create governments. The principles of sound government therefor must be based in, "the laws of nature and of nature's God."

Relativism is a cancer of the thought process. It in itself is a faith at odds with objective reality, at odds with the laws of nature. Sadly it has been the church itself that has allowed relativism in its doors, and blessed its consideration by society.

CS Lewis/ Francis Schaeffer/Pius X

Nature reveals the existence of God.

Ps. 8 "When I consider the heavens, the work of your hands..."

Romans 1:20 "God has revealed His invisible nature through his visible creation."

Ps. 18 "The heavens proclaim the glory of God...there is no nation where their language is not understood."

Soren Kierkegaard and his Leap of Faith assertion has fostered relativism and the idea "if you believe" something that's what makes it real. But faith is not merely an assertion or feeling it is substance, it is evidence of the unseen. Hebrews. The walk of faith is to take steps by faith. Existentialism encourages leaping into the unknown, the leap of faith is not outlined in scripture, but is an idea that makes evidence, and reason suspect. Existentialism, even Christian existentialism encourages a disjointed and subjective view of God and nature.  Francis Schaeffer, Christian philosopher, asserts that Kierkegaard's Leap of Faith not only twisted the teachings of Christianity, but infected all of Western thinking. Schaeffer's book, The God Who is There, explores the essential premise that God's existence is what is displayed in objective reality, in nature itself. He is there and He is not silent. Dismissing objective facts and self-evident truths leads to intellectual and moral confusion.

In C.S. Lewis' The Abolition of Man he says "Post-Christian" thinkers are not reasonable, Lewis asserted that it was easier to convert pagans to belief in the Creator because they recognized that nature is reality...pagans get reality, relativists dismiss reality.  They live in their head. Lewis calls them "men without chests."

Pope Pius Xth recognized the battle of ideas was the greatest of spiritual battles and issued an Encyclical on 'Modernity' in 1907. Modernity is not a reference to Scandinavian furniture or Buck Rogers, it refers to the thinking of modernist philosophers: Freud, Hegel, Marx, Kierkegaard, etc. Pius proclaimed such relativistic thinking had already infected the Roman Catholic Church and required all teachers and priests at every level to swear a repudiation of such relativistic teaching. This oath was required until 1967. 

Relativism is the single, greatest enemy of a Right To Life.

Interview with special guest,

Carol Tobias – President of National Right To Life

NRLC deals with the policy issues that impact the Right To Life of the innocent. Carol briefs us on some of the policy issues coming our way.

Air Date: 2-4-2017


The Laws Before Roe v Wade

What were abortion laws before Roe v Wade? Where did they come from? Science and the law. Dr. Horatio Storer defended life as a fact-asserting advocate. British Common Law protected children after quickening because that was the most advanced and conferrable science.


With the advancement in scientific medicine conception was confirmed as the start of human life when mammalian conception was witnessed under the modern microscope in 1836. The British Common Law followed in protecting children from the time of conception.

American Dr. Horatio R. Storer was studying in Edinburgh and came back to encourage each of the United States to now respect those human lives, even as they now had freed and protected slaves. From 1860 to 1880 he campaigned until all states protected that child, his second patient. Dr. Storer is also known as the Father of Gynecology. His education underscored that the child in the womb was a vulnerable human being. Started in 1857, recruited the AMA to assist righting the injustice of slavery and the injustice of abortion - objective facts demonstrate that both are human beings.

Active civic involvement by Horatio R. Storer is what ensured protection for children. We must be like Storer. Bring facts to bear so that the laws will protect those who can't protect themselves.  If the Life issue is an issue that matters -and it indeed is let's study and present the facts of life, so that innocent lives can again be protected.

Horatio Robinson Storer, M.D. (1830-1922)

Scientific Proof of the Beginning of Human Life

THE RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN: From Common Law to Constitutional Law

Amazing Grace (2006)

Air Date: 1-28-2017


Roe v Wade, What Did It Do?

There is a lot of emotion that swirls around any discussion of abortion, emotions can cloud ideas and cloud our judgement that's why we want to help you cut through the thick fog emotions - on both sides-  and deal with the objective facts, and the real ideas at stake.

Demonstration: Hear that.... well you will be hearing those sorts of things... and the reason is, they want you to be quiet if you go to Church...

But from our earlier programs , and even if you've just studied biology you know that it is science and natural law that proclaims that that is a unique individual, a dependent child in the womb. That child can inherit property, and in many other elements of the law have full legal rights... 

That's why years after Roe v Wade's passage in a famous dissent, Justice Sandra Day O'Connir stated this:

Roe v Wade has no foundation in either law or logic. It is on a collision course with itself.
— Justice Sandra Day O'Connir

Interview with special guest,

Carol Tobias – President of National Right To Life

Air Date: 1-21-2017


Science and the Right To Life

Science is not your enemy. In being alive,  God is introducing us to observable facts. Life. This is the beginning of true science. Dealing with observable facts.  There is NOT a war between faith and science, in fact many of the greatest scientists were men and women of deep faith.

Science is a tool for learning. 

In the early 1200's Roger Bacon was considered the Father of Modern Science. Science can only work in an ordered universe. Bacon was a Christian.

America's Founders used essential observable facts - science. Our laws are built on self-evident truths.. not arbitrary assertions. This debate is not about your personal faith. You are always dealing with ideas, your thoughts, you must guard and understand the thoughts you entertain.

The reason abortion laws came into existence was because of observable facts about human lives. Don't capitulate to this being based in someone's faith or religion. That is a trap that will make the whole issue 'subjective' and not 'self-evident.'

Unless the lives of the vulnerable are protected by the law. Be able to explain the principles you are getting at. Study to show yourself able to rightly explain.

Science is on your side, the facts are with us. Don't make this about your personal theology.

Equipping you for the The Battle of Ideas.

Air Date: 1-14-2017

The purpose of government is to protect the lives of the governed.
— Ronald Reagan


What Is The Right To Life?

Understanding the Right to Life. Equipping individuals to cut through the fog surrounding the issues of Life. How to be effective in understanding and presenting the issues.

Confronting and dispelling the common errors in positioning the RTL.

It is about objective, self-evident facts.

It is NOT about anyone's personal theology - this is a common error.
It is NOT about the powerful emotions that surround babies, children, childbirth, etc.
It is a statement of the essential, founding principles of this nation.  These principles have been the hope of mankind through civilization's difficult trail up to this moment.
The RTL is a simple statement regarding the relationship of human beings to government, and government's responsibility to protect their lives. Government does not give them that right to exist, it merely has a responsibility to protect that right to exist.

What the ongoing program will cover:
Because of its essential nature the RTL impacts all of society: 
Law/Medicine/Science/The Arts/Relationships

"A society that consciously allows the intentional killing of innocent lives is impacted in every other aspect of society."

What you can do to help restore the RTL

E.g. One tool Communications and the Arts.

As an avocation, host Johnston acts and produces film (professional name, Keenan Johnston on IMDb)

Because we now live in what is essentially a 'post-literate culture' the moving image and electronic arts have incredible power over peoples understanding of life and society. Ideas are ingested and then projected for us by others. (i.e. film, television, videos even 'memes').

The average person does not wrestle deeply in the battle of ideas.

Life Fest Film Festival | Life. It's worth the effort.

Based in Hollywood and dedicated to honoring those films that underscore the significance of an individual life, even the seemingly insignificant.

Interview with special guest,

Carol Tobias – President of National Right To Life

Air Date: 1-7-2017


Guard Your Mind

Oxford English Dictionary Word Of The Year 2016 - "Post-Truth"

Do we really look at the facts? 

The RTL - as asserted by American founding documents -emanates from actual self-evident truths, observable facts.

So for example we know abortion isn't wrong simply simply because it offends my feelings, or even my personal theology, it objectively takes a human life.

Commissioner Johnston explains his interest in language and the significance of language, language carries ideas and ideas have great consequence. Taught English. Latin, BA Linguistics.

You are already living in eternity: sometimes our day to day language and ideas cloud that from us.. we view temporal world as the summation of reality . But you are already in eternity and a part of eternity, that is not a theological assertion but an observation of the temporal order.

E.g. if you are in Stockton, California, you are still in the United States. and if you view time space continuum the same way, time - and your lifetime in particular - is still a subset of eternity.   Renew your mind; don't be conformed to the thinking of the world around you. Just this moment does not capture all of reality.

Film released end of 2016, Arrival.

About Language (seems like science fiction but look deeper)and the fact that how we view the temporal world and what's important is actually determined by the ideas we allow in our head.

The importance of film, entertainment, social media and cultural clutter is forming our ideas and remember ideas have consequences.

In 2017 China has announced a new and assertive round of propaganda campaign. "Soft power" media is the most effective...do you what that means for you?  

I'm not worried about China at the moment. yes, they are still Communist, but the deeper issue is what is revealed in their understanding of the most effective methods. you and I right now, we are being subjected to soft power media daily. Many of the thoughts ideas, predicates, being sold to us daily are exactly that ideas that carry the most destructive conclusions and yet they want you to accept the conclusions as your own.

BTW an illustration of what words you think can impact your life. Chinese language...they do not have a subjunctive mood - could, would, should.

Indicative only. Chinese culture and those who speak related languages have reputation as being very good with practical application. Newspeak - a limited vocabulary, in George Orwell's 1984.

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Guard your heart (your most inward and cherished thoughts) with all diligence, for out of it come the issues of life.
— Proverbs 4:23


Introduction To Life Matters

A glimpse of what's to come in every podcast. What is the Right To Life - to be alive, what does it mean? Brian's background as an advocate, How the implications of an absence of the Right To Life has impacted the law, medicine, science, the arts, relationships - all of culture. What does that mean? What can we do about it? Each podcast will examine a specific aspect of Life, culture and the ongoing battle of ideas.

Air Date: N/A Podcast Exclusive

Regarding Brian's book and documentary,
Death As A Salesman: What's Wrong With Assisted Suicide

The perfect handbook. An armory of facts.
— David Warner, Professor, University of Steubenville, OH