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We want to hear from you! Our host, Commissioner Brian Johnston, has asked us to give you a voice and a platform, so we have opportunities for you to comment, ask a question or even make a contribution on the air.

  • Think you recognize some of the word games and semantic shifting used to confuse people in the battle for Life? Submit them for the Wordsworth segment.
  • Is there a particularly knotty question that you have about the Right to Life? You can submit it in writing or even call in (800) 924-2490.
  • Want to make a difference in your area? We can direct you to folks to work with in asserting protection for the innocent.

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We have worked closely with Brian Johnston for almost 30 years, and have come to respect his ability to keep people focused on the foundational principles of our culture, especially the restoration of the right to life.
— Dave & Sara Blicharz, Stockton, CA